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In Connecticut if someone dies without leaving a Will, the state legislature has created a distribution scheme depending upon who survives the decedent. First you determine who the surviving heirs and next you determine what their relationship to the decedent.

If the decedent is survived by:

Spouse, and children of both decedent and spouse Spouse takes first $100,000 + 1/2 of the balance
Children take the other 1/2 of the balance.
Spouse, and children of decedent, one more of whom is not the child of the spouse Spouse takes 1/2. Children share the other 1/2 equally
Spouse and parent or parents (no children) Spouse takes first $100,000 + 3/4 of the remainder.
Parent(s) takes the other 1/4.
Spouse only (no children, no parents)
Spouse takes all.
Children* only (no spouse)
All goes to the children.
Parent(s) (no spouse, no children)
All goes to the parent(s).
Brothers and sisters (no spouse, no parents, no children)
All goes to the brothers and sisters.
Next of kin (no spouse, no children, no parents, no brothers or sisters)
All goes to the next of kin.
No Next of kin but a step-child All to the step-child
No Step-child All to the State of Connecticut



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